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What We Do

We are genetic laboratory institution dedicated in providing high-quality sequencing and customized bioinformatics solutions.

We are confident in delivering to YOU the finest high-quality laboratory services in Malaysia.

Next Generation Sequencing Technologies

Our latest, modern and sophisticated Advanced Genomics Laboratory employs the Next Generation Sequencing technologies

NiCE™NiCE Prenatal Test with Baby's Gender
PGDPreimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for a single gene
PGSPreimplantation Genetic Screening
AmniocentesisDiagnosis with Next-Gen Sequencing
Onco-BRCA™Breast Cancer 1 and 2 Genes

Our Partners

Meet our Local and International partners where together we bring you the next-level prenatal test services!

Yourgene Bioscience Taiwan, Indonesia & Singapore

O & G Specialists Nationwide

Private Hospitals in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia & Taiwan

ArcheStem Australia

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